Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gonzales' Answers Are "Correct and Legalistic." Well, duh!

No one has ever accused the U. S. Senate of being the brightest chandelier in the lobby. I'm reasonably certain that the average IQ rests well south of average for the comparable pay scale since the departure of Slade Gorton (R-WA) years ago, but even so this week's kabuki dance with Attorney General Gonzales strains the mind as various senators criticized Gonzales for being correct and legalistic with his answers.

Correct and legalistic. Let' see:

Gonzales is Attorney General of the United States,
testifying under oath,
before a committee of the United States Senate,
about an ultra-secret intelligence program,
in use by the United States against its enemies
during a war.
If a senator expected something other than correct and legalistic, he ought to buy the AG a beer at a baseball game.

Speaking of baseball, Senator Feingold, preening on Fox News Sunday, whiffed the ball completely when Chris Wallace gave him three, three separate chances to point to any evidence of illegality in the firing of the eight or nine political appointees some months ago, this in spite of six months of hearings into the matter. Feingold remains "certain" that crimes were committed, however, and wants a special prosecutor or counsel to find the evidence, and presumably to keep searching until he or she finds it.

Sort of a French approach, first the conviction then the evidence.

Senator Schumer appeared a little more forthright, if no smarter, on This Week as he admitted there was no evidence of a crime. He did call on the administration to keep supplying information until the senators could find some.

And, again, what's the there there? Concede every point made by the fevered minds so prevalent amongst the left these days. Concede every single point, then ask "So what?" Policy differences? No news there! Crime? Not a one in sight.

300 investigations, 600 hearings and a few beds moved into a Senate hallway for the TV crews to film.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton) really knows how to manage.

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