Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dick Morris' Advice to Bush: Sacrifice a Country to Save GOP

You have to admire former Clinton strategist Dick Morris. He says what he's thinking even when he is not.

In his recent column in The Hill, Morris notes the widening nostrils and increased twitchiness amongst the Republican bull elephants in the Senate as they prepare to stampede in fear from the war in Iraq. He advises President Bush to get ahead of the stampede by announcing a withdrawal of American forces from the battlefield.

By Morris' count, up to 11 Republican senators are about to bolt:

The Republican senators are coming to realize that Bush needs to begin to pull out to save his party, even if it puts Iraq at risk.
Well, that's clear enough. Given the choice between 35 million lives at immediate risk of death and dismemberment by the folks who behead children in front of their parents, the folks who rely on terror in order to win friends and influence people, the folks who are sworn to come here to our homes at the first opportunity in order to kill Dick Morris, along with millions of other Americans; given that choice or the opportunity to save his party, Morris says that Bush should save his party.


To Morris, politics is everything. Even more than life itself.

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