Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Texas Learns 9/11 Lesson From Virginia Tech

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has called for repeal of the limits restricting where citizens who are licensed to carry concealed weapons can legally possess them.

“The last time I checked, putting a sign up that says 'Don’t bring your weapons in here,' someone who has ill intent on their mind — they could care less," Perry told reporters. “I think it makes sense for Texans to be able to protect themselves from deranged individuals, whether they're in church or whether on a college campus or wherever."

Perry said he opposes any concealed gun-toting restrictions at all — whether it’s in a hospital, a public school, a beer joint or even the local courthouse.

Gov. Rick Perry, mulling ways to stop the kind of murderous rampages that recently left 33 dead on a college campus in Virginia, said Monday there’s one sure-fire solution he likes: allow Texans to take their concealed handguns anywhere.

This is another major step in the right direction, allowing people the tools with which to defend themselves. Or not. Choice in matters of personal saftey.

Just as has happened with concealed carry generally, where the early worries about "blood in the streets" has been replaced with appreciation of lower violent crime rates, voters will be the first to realize the futility and vacuous nature of the old way of looking at school safety as a gift from command and control central. Nowhere else does awareness that the "emperor has no clothes" resonate as quickly as it is now about the false security promised by signs proclaiming "Gun Free Zones."

Just as the "defenseless victims" of UAL 93 made a difference on 9/11, and in doing so taught us all a lesson about confronting Evil, so to did Virginia Tech teach us to beware those who promise to provide us safety, a promise beyond their ability to honor.

Guns don't kill people. Killers empowered by Gun Free Zones kill people.

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