Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where To Vacation If You're a Radical House Leader?

In an earlier post on the integrity to be found (missing) in Dirty Harry Reid, I rhetorically asked where might one vacation given that Senator Reid lives at the Ritz-Cartlon.

Today, the Speaker of the House answered:
If it's Tuesday of Holy Week, Syria!

Nancy Pelosi, who prefers "General" or "Madame Secretary" as her title, is spending a few days relaxing and negotiating with Syria's killer-in-chief, the man Saddam trusted with his weapons of mass destruction, his wife and daughter.

General Pelosi presumably reiterated her promise to force an American surrender in the hostilities in neighboring Iraq, the support of which is diverting Syrian attention from its primary interest, killing Jews.

No word yet on Pelosi's schedule for Good Friday.

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