Saturday, March 24, 2007

General Pelosi's War

With her recent six vote margin in the House on the emergency military supplement, purchased at a cost of nearly $4 billion of domestic pork per vote, Nancy Pelosi has attempted to elbow her way into the office of co-Commander in Chief, vacant since 1973.

America's fighting forces, the folks on the ground, with the very best view of the battlefield momentum, are already beginning to adapt to threatened shortages of bombs, bullets and armor.

The Air Force, left with fewer planes to maintain and fly, has a reservoir of airmen still intent on supporting the troops on the ground and willing to go to great lengths to remain in the fight.

Even with the recent severe restrictions on operations, the USAF must continue to take seriously its primary role
of maintaining air superiority in the theater. The current threat is concentrated to the north, which is manageable as long as the weather stays warm, but unless some appropriations become available for heavier clothing, winter air defense operations will be very difficult.

The British messaged Gen. Pelosi with an urgent request that American forces assist in their effort to retake the 15 sailors kidnapped in the Shatt-al-Arab.
General Pelosi responded immediately in the affirmative, invoking the memory of the forceful leadership of Lady Thatcher in similar circumstances, and ordered the President to dispatch all available American forces to the rescue.

Unfortunately, they may not be sufficient to win.

H/T for the photos to Power Line and their correspondent

UPDATE: Dean Barnett has listed General Pelosi's alternative weapons budget over at Hugh Hewitt's place. Though hilarious, it's not a joke.

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