Thursday, April 19, 2007

John Edwards: Too Cute for Words

Presidential candidate John Edwards has reimbursed his campaign the cost of two $400 haircuts.

Mr. Edwards is known for nightmarish hair days, as I've noted, but this may be the hair that broke his campaign's back.

It's not so much the $400. Really. It isn't. Really.


  1. Using someone else's money to pay for it, especially when you're already rich. Oh, I forgot, he's a personal injury trial lawyer. Never mind.
  2. In a way that you should know the whole world is going to know about it
  3. After you've already looked like an absolute idiot on the very same subject.
The man is just too narcissistic to be President. I mean, other than Kim Jong-il, who is reputed to have similar issues, which world leader or potential adversary is going to take John seriously?

All it would take is negotiations outdoors on a windy day and the guy would be sufficiently distracted to give them the western world.

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