Wednesday, March 21, 2007

John Edwards, Spritzer-in-Chief

There comes a time when the tides overwhelm, when neither the best intentions nor the strongest character will influence the outcome of the contest.

The recent re-appearance of the almost unspeakably humiliating video of the vainglorious Mr. Edwards will forever remove him from serious candidacy for any public office.

Sure, if the ABA wants him, let him be the spokesman for attorneys, or if the trial thugs finally want to improve their image, he could be their guy. Well, maybe.

Certainly if The Dial Corporation wants to move the Breck market focus, John might be the one to call, or if L'Oreal Group want's to broaden it's "I'm Worth It" campaign, all fine and good.

But, to put this fellow before the American people as a potential Commander in Chief, well, the joke insults us and belittles him, but with an ego so large there is apparently no room for shame.

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