Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Mitt Should Do - NOW

The Romney campaign and Republican National Committee have more money than God, too much to waste to continue doing things the way they've always done. Now is the time to step out in a way that not only gets his message out over the heads of the Obama media but also draws an enormous amount of attention. Now is the time to swing for the fences.

How? Spend a handful of those millions on hand to buy 30 minutes of simultaneous airtime on all three (or four or five) of the major broadcast networks. Do it now, before the debates. That will maximize the audience and the impact. It will change the dynamic of the debates and the relative standing of the candidates.

Romney is in a position to assume the leader's position in the campaign. The timing is perfect, as Mr. Obama has been stumbling through issues and events.

In one fell swoop, Mr. Romney can:

  • Get his message across to 40-50 million voters, unfiltered by the media;
  • Propagate an impression of leadership;
  • Suck all the attention in the world into his campaign, leaving his opponent with nothing to do for several days but carp an be negative;
  • By selectively emphasizing the issues he'd most like to highlight, facilitate the echoing Internet buzz leading into the debates.
  • Potentially set the agenda for the debates themselves.
This one act can have a far greater effect than all the 30- or 60 second commercials in the world. It has the potential for turning the entire election on its head.

It would seem every bit as forward-leaning as his selection of Paul Ryan. For an even larger impact, consider asking Mr Ryan to co-present.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is that all time on the major networks has been bought and paid for by May, 2012. It would be impossible to implement your idea at this late date.