Monday, August 15, 2011

Geez, Mr. Buffett, Quit Whining!

Dear Mr. Buffett:

I've never thought of you as helpless and I am not now enjoying the mental image of you publicly whining about your plight in The New York Times.

Quit complaining that you only paid $6,938,744 in federal taxes last year. After all, it's your own fault. You've spent zillions through the years paying CPAs and tax lawyers to help you and your companies avoid the very taxes you now complain isn't enough. Does your hypocrisy know no shame? Just recently you sheltered billions, literally billions, with the Gates Foundation rather than paying estate and capital gains taxes.

Even with that, all is not lost! Go ahead, pull out your checkbook and write a big one. A really big one. Make it out for all the taxes you've avoided paying the last forty years or so. The easiest way to determine the right amount is to take your total income over the years and multiply that figure by whatever tax rate you believe "the wealthy" ought to be paying today to carry "their fair share" of the burden.

Go ahead, man, for your own dignity, man up!

But please, quit the damn whining.

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Anonymous said...

Why would he do that? That wouldn't even make a dent in the US deficit.

You do understand why he and many others are calling for a tax hike, right? HINT: It's not out of some love of being robbed.