Saturday, November 06, 2010

Obama to Apologize to Indians!

We've seen an advance copy of the president's script for his historic speech to India's parliament. According to the speech, President Obama will convey a moving and heartfelt apology to the Indian people.

Next month we will observe the 120th anniversary of  the massacre at Wounded Knee. 
For far too many years, American historians called it a "battle," but it wasn't. 
I acknowledge that. 
I apologize to each of you, those assembled here and the millions more watching and listening, for the harm the American Army, the infamous and disgraced 7th Cavalry, caused that ugly day.
I want to assure you that the people of America have learned from their horrible mistake. 
I wasn't there, of course. 
If I had been, the tragedy would not have happened. 
Today, under my leadership the government would never do such a thing. 
We've designated the bloody ground at Wounded Knee a National Historic Landmark to honor the bravery, the heroism of the Indians who were killed and I invite each of you to return to the land you left behind, to visit there.
I am announcing today that I am rescinding the 20 Medals of Honor awarded members of the 7th Cavalry for their actions in 1890 at Wounded Knee.
Please forgive us.

Next up, presidential apologies in Korea for starting the war and in Japan for ending the war.

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