Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Nuts" to nuts

The debate currently consuming way too much attention is the question whether Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood killer, is unbalanced. National Public Radio is reporting that officials at Walter Reed and USUHS, Hasan's school, debated for nearly a year whether Hasan was psychotic.

Past the immediate response of who cares lies a more troublesome thought: Wouldn't these folks diagnose any jihadist as psychotic? I mean, what else do you call men who deliberately impose terror on others for the very sake of terror? What do you call men who strap bombs on other men, on drugged women and mentally challenged children? Men who fly planeloads of civilians into buildings inhabited only by other civilians?

Jeez, by our standards they're all irrational.

They're all psychotic.

Heck, they're all nuts, but that doesn't mean we should suggest an hour a week of therapy while they seek a cure. It's more appropriate to think in terms of a rabid attacker about to bite.

Cure the immediate problem and let God do the deeper diagnosis.

We're at war and it's reached our homeland.

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