Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Stepford President

President Obama unquestionably has two tremendous qualifications for election to his office: he reads a teleprompter with passion; his smiles dominate the camera. He was the nearly perfect candidate.

Unfortunately, attributes that make a great candidate often don't translate well into those necessary once in office.

Here is an absolutely fascinating view into Mr. Obama, much more so than first meets the eye. The video bears re-watching to catch two contradictory items. First, notice the complete lack of sponteneity, Mr. Obama is competely tethered to the camera. There is nothing else in his view.

Second, see how Michelle relates to others. She moves in and out of the frame and directs at least a portion of her attention to her guests. Her animation neatly contrasts with its complete lacking on the part of her husband.

He can smile.

He can talk.

But, can he chew gum?

This would make a great movie, one I'd prefer not to be in.

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