Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN's Roasting on an Open Fire

It was a surprise that the Senate voted heavily to defund ACORN from further contracts with a couple of federal agencies.

The House this afternoon selected a nuclear option instead, not only defunding ACORN from all federal agencies, but voting overwhelmingly to go further by defunding any "ACORN-related affiliate", a term of art that by the language of the bill specifically includes:

(B) Any organization that shares directors, employees, or independent contractors with ACORN.
(C) Any organization that has a financial stake in ACORN.
(D) Any organization whose finances, whether federally funded, donor-funded or raised through organized goods and services, are shared or controlled by ACORN.
For starters, according to ACORN's website, this will include:
  • ACORN Institute
  • ACORN Housing Corporation
  • Living Wage Resource Center
  • ACORN Law on the Web
  • KABF Radio
  • KNON Radio
  • Project VOTE
  • Site Fighters, and
  • Social Policy
In addition any company, foundation, or non-profit corporation that shares a Director with ACORN, shares funding, or makes sizeable financial commitments to the organization, will need to seriously consider establishing some distance for itself.

The bill still must go to committee, but given the overwhelming vote in the House, it is unlikely to be watered down before being sent to President Obama's desk.

The big question: Given that Mr. Obama once worked for ACORN and that his campaign paid ACORN $800,000 for turning out some pimps and hos voters for his election, will the President sign the bill into law?

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Not only will this get ACORN's attention, it's going to shake the whole tree pretty good!

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