Friday, April 17, 2009

Want to Exhale? Get a Permit

In keeping with the administration's strategy of relentless accumulation of power, President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency today announced its intention to regulate all sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Completely neglecting science in its haste to expand its regulatory footprint, the EPA has taken upon itself the power to end all human life.

Men, women and children produce carbon dioxide with every breath. It is by far the largest gaseous byproduct we all produce.

If the EPA is serious, the need for a "non-point source carbon dioxide emission" permit cannot be far off. After all, the average human exhales nearly two pounds of carbon dioxide a day, or 306,000 tons per day from all of us in the U.S. Obviously, any source that is dumping more than 110 million tons of incredibly threatening material into the atmosphere each year needs strict federal control!

Presumably heavy exercisers, joggers and bicyclists will pay more… which seems fair to me.

So, before you take even one more breath, better beat a path to your nearest federal facility. Be first in line for your permit for life.

Until then, hold that breath.

The Obama legacy looks like it's going to be, "We had to destroy the people in order to save them."

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