Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taking Chance

Seemingly a lifetime ago, in late April 2004, Blackfive posted the moving story of Marine Private First Class Chance Phelps' last trip home. Written by Marine Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl as an entry for his personal journal, the short memoir chronicles Strobl's growing appreciation of a man he never knew, as he accompanied Private Phelps' remains from Dover to his final resting place in Dubois, Wyoming. As much as Taking Chance is a story of two men's journey, it is even more a moving account of the respect shown Pvt. Phelps by hundreds of Americans with whom they came into contact during the journey, the town that shared his family's celebration of his life and grief at his loss, and a nation that continues to respect the sacrifices made by the few in favor of the many.

Strobl sent his diary entry to a few Marine buddies, who sent it on to a few more. One of the recipients emailed to to Blackfive, and within days thousands were sharing the story. Now HBO has made it into a 77 minute featurette staring Kevin Bacon as Strobl.

Here is the HBO movie trailer:

You can read Lt. Col. Strobl's original journal entry as it was originally posted at Blackfive, here.

Thank God for the rough men, that we can sleep at night.

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