Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kudos to Cessna

In my experience, pilots have more backbone than bankers. It makes sense, when you think of it. Although bank CEOs make important decisions frequently, pilots make life-changing decisions a hundred times in every flight.

Rush Limbaugh has just devoted his first hour to praising Cessna Aircraft for the intestinal fortitude it demonstrated by standing up to the incredibly stupid political grandstanding surrounding corporate aviation.A corporate aircraft is a time machine. It husbands any company's most precious resource, the time and energy of its management. To confuse the tool with the user is sophomoric. If you have issues with management, change the team. But let's not condemn future holders of our most difficult jobs to driving to visit plants or stores, or worse, flying the unreliable skies with current American airlines.

I'll second the motion: Let layoffs start at the top, with Congress.

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