Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New York Police Department Issuing iPods

The New York Police Department has begun issuing Apple iPods to its recruits. NYPD iPods come preloaded with course material so the the police recruits can study while traveling between home and class. Reuters reports that department believes this will save the students the burden of carrying class books on New York's public transportation.

This seems like a really, really good idea. No word yet on whether special permits are required or whether the students can carry their department-issue iPods concealed or not. But, still a good idea:

  • Students can study the legalities of search and seizure while riding home on the subway;
  • With more recruits carrying openly, New York's thugs may turn their focus from tourists; thereby
  • Giving the recruits a head start as to what constitutes theft and robbery; and
  • If the robbers will watch a little of the content before turning the iPods into coke or meth, perhaps professionalizing the the thuggery class! No, officer, according to current legal thinking it wasn't battery, only assault!

While iPods are great, iPhones might make more sense by giving a recruit a chance to phone for help.

Best yet, a Glock, some effective ammunition and a whole lot of range time.

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