Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When Hillary's Right, She's Right!

In September, when the Clinton Campaign committed to return all contributions bundled by con-man Norman Hsu, many pundits wondered where the $800,000 would go once returned.

In a conference call shortly after Hsu made news, Mrs. Clinton announced her intention to accept more donations from the same contributors.

We're not asking that that be done. But I believe that the vast majority of those 200-plus donors are perfectly capable of making up their own minds about what they will or won't do going forward.
Well, they certainly did make up their own minds.

Faced with the opportunity of donating back to Mrs. Clinton the funds they had already donated to her once, an impressive 96% decided not to do so again. According to The Wall Street Journal (paper edition October 17, 2007, A12, Hsu Donors Keep Refunds), of the 248 original donors only 10 made up their minds along the lines that Mrs. Clinton had in her mind.

Wow, with that kind of commitment level, one wonders how Hsu got the money from them in the first place?

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Dr.D said...

One does not wonder very long. Coercion in one form or another seems most likely. Another alternative is deception. Either way, the decisions not to donate a second time speaks volumes.