Friday, September 14, 2007

A "Permissible" Flag?

Jessica Langston wanted to wear an American flag to class at Hobbton High School in Sampson County, North Carolina on September 11th. She was told not to.

According to the superintendent of schools in Sampson County the situation is unfortunate but he doesn't want to be forced to pick and choose which flags should be permissible.

It's simple, Dr. Hobbs.

The flag with 50 white stars in a field of blue on a bed of horizontal red and white stripes is always permissible. It is the American flag. You may have examples of it in your classrooms.

Any others, sir, are at your discretion.

The lesson children is that all are equal. Our country, the one some of your relatives died to protect, is just one of many, none exactly the same, you understand, but not that much different either.

UPDATE & BUMP: If the news accounts are correct, always a tenuous assumption, Dr. Hobbs must be a man of unique courage. One day after he was described as being unwilling to pick and choose amongst flags and held up to national ridicule for banning them all, he has now blamed the matter on the school principal. Dr. Hobbs has reversed the policy and will now allow flags of all nations. Wouldn't want to discriminate in favor of just one, like our own, you know. Further, any future school dress decisions will be made at the school board level.

A little somthing for everyone.


Brazentide said...

It looks like the ACLU has stepped in. Apparently allowing the US flag at the exclusion of others is a discriminatory act that they have threatened to bring legal action against.

Its a tough job to stand up to legal intimidation like this, and very few schools are willing to risk their budgets to do so.

Bob Leibowitz said...


It's seems that the ACLU has forgotten the first word of their name.

Brazentide said...