Monday, September 10, 2007

Hillary Clinton Does Hsu Shuffle

Democratic presidential candidate and Chinese fundraiser extraordinaire Hillary Clinton has announced she is returning $850,000 in contributions delivered to her campaign by Norman Hsu. With any luck at all she can shovel the funds out the back door before the FBI comes knocking on the front.

Ms. Clinton brings real experience to the task. 22 contributors to Bill's 1996 campaign, her most recent presidential effort, either pled guilty or were convicted of criminal campaign finance or money laundering violations. At least some of the sources were reported to be members of the Chinese Red Army's intelligence division.

There is no word yet as to exactly "to whom" she will be returning the funds this time around, but presumably the mailman in Daly City, CA is about to come into a real windfall.

If he's allowed to keep it.

Does this mean Hsu loses his reservation for the Lincoln Bedroom?

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