Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Want to Meet a Wealthy Farmer?

If you've ever wanted to meet a well-to-do farmer, here's the spot: Manhattan Island.

Of the million or so Americans who currently receive annual farming subsidies, a fair number live in Manhattan.

Some of the largest subsidies, those for more than $250,000 per year, flow to the folks reflected by the larger circles.

This chart, created for Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, speaks volumes about what's wrong not only with our farm subsidy programs, but most every other transfer program as well: too much flows to those for whom the subsidy was not intended.

The Bush Administration had hoped to cut 40,000 from the 1 million currently receiving funds. Just 4%, the top 4%, but it isn't going to happen.

Remember this when the Senators from New York talk about being shortchanged by Washington.

I'm just a poor cowhand
from the upper east side.
I got my tractor
and I got my guide.
Corn, soybeans, wheat and peas
Here on the upper east side we aim to please.

H/T National Review Online

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