Sunday, July 22, 2007

Will This Be Our First Metrosexual Election?

John Edwards spends more on his hair than ten women and more time in front of a mirror than most 16-year old girls. Mrs. Edwards tells the world that he has a better understanding of women's issues than does a woman, even as she takes on the role of the junkyard dog for Mr. Edward's campaign as John spends his days exuding on cameras across the land seemingly limitless empathy, sympathy and hugs for people less fortunate than he.

On the reverse slope of the transgender battle for the position of Commander in Chief, Bill Clinton denies that his wife wants to be a man, even while she does a pretty good impression of one.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama walks with sure balance atop the fence, unquestionably male and unarguably sensitive, seemingly the perfect mix of not too this and not too that.

Where once we had one-issue voters, now we see leaders perfecting their vision of Goldilocks for the single-hormone activists who will decide the Democratic primaries.

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