Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Do You Call A Group That Meets Once Every 41 Years?

It’s an interesting group: a dentist, a successful Hollywood screenwriter who has kept his mind and his wife, the requisite couple of attorneys, a production designer for Disney, a college professor, traffic planner, a spy, a reporter… all the basics. They form an intelligent and curious group in the best senses of the phrase.

They are the sentient versions of the Indians placed safely in the cupboard of my mind, but because they share all four dimensions and are independently interactive they are much more interesting and immediate than the memories they share.

We trade tales. There are many, old and new, every one fascinating.

They’ve—we’ve—lived a hundred lives, developed a thousand answers, yet we each apparently still struggle with the same questions that once drew us near, no closer to solutions now than then.

These are special people in that they share my—and I their—mental and emotional DNA.

One, more talkative than the others towards the night’s fall, wonders why we gather so. I answer that for this one slice of life, this special MRI, a memory resonance image if you will, we’re all we have and this is all there is. We are the answer to the question, "Why?"

And that’s as it should be, I think.

A heartfelt thank you to Pete for his months of planning, cajoling and efforts to overcome, and to the lovely Donna and her empathetic spouse for their most cordial and generous hospitality.

To the Professor, the millionaire and his socialite wife, the move star and Ginger, the skipper, too.

To the Knight in the corner.

Thank you.

Now, back into the cupboard of my mind, please, to wait patiently for another moment of worry, hour of joy, day of sadness or night of nostalgia.

I promise to write.

UPDATE: Welcome to the visiting Golden Knights. It's a pleasure to have you here. Please do take a few minutes to extend your visit and tour the Canticle by clicking on the title at the top of the page, or here.

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