Friday, June 29, 2007

In Two Hours, "Two Americas" Will Be Real

While on a run to the grocery store, I saw the strangest sight a few minutes ago. The ruckus at the little telephone store next door to what passes for a supermarket around here was impossible to miss.

Now, our town is about 50 miles and ten years from the nearest "urban center," as they call them these days. Our post office still accepts 19 cent stamps and the garbage guys think "recycling" is what they do with their lunches. We see "Rock Candy Mountain" out the front window and think first of Burl Ives and "the lemonade springs where the bluebird sings." We're all certain that Brigadoon is a true story.

Of a curious nature, I asked the clerks inside the AT&T store if they'd seen anything like it before. They said, "No, but it's kind of fun being a star, even if for only a day." Buyers, young and old, had been lining up in front of the store for more than 24 hours for the opportunity to buy a telephone.

You see, the iPhone is here and we'll never be the same.

John Edwards is right, in a couple of hours there really will be two America's: those who have an iPhone and everybody else watching over their shoulders.

Heck, Edwards might be on to something.

John, step up to the plate and offer to unite America under the campaign rally: iPhones for all!

Today, that'd win you the primaries, maybe even the election. Heck, for a first-day iPhone, I might vote for you.

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