Friday, May 11, 2007

Fred Thompson as Vice President?

The folks over at NRO Corner have a bit of a debate going on whether Fred Thompson is serious when he denies any interest in the VP slot.

Thompson's own words seem pretty straightforward:

"I have no interest in running for or being the vice president."
Fred points out a significant distinction between himself and the other candidates: They've been running for President forever. He hasn't.

There's not much room for doubt, or equivocation in what he says or the way he says it. Perhaps even conservatives have become too complacent about "looking behind the curtain" of what a candidate says for what a candidate means. After all, they've not been able to take a candidate's words literally since Ronald Reagan.

To those who think Fred Thompson is just another candidate, who doesn't mean what he says about his ambition, let's remember that he is already a rarity in that regard.

Fred Thompson voluntarily walked away from "the most exclusive club" in the world, and he never looked back.

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