Thursday, May 03, 2007

Craven Democrats Surrender on Bill

The Democrats are speeding up their compromises on the Emergency Funding for our fighters in Iraq. It was just six weeks ago that they threw the spinach subsidy overboard. Yesterday, they offered to loosen a bit the handcuffs on General Petraeus to proceed as he outlined in his plan when they confirmed him.

Perhaps, though, now that Nancy Pelosi says she read the bill during the five days it took to present it to the President, perhaps they can pick up the pace a bit.

If that doesn't happen, I repeat my suggestion that the President and Mr. Maliki offer craven Senator Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton) a few acres of prime real estate in downtown Baghdad. That will most assuredly speed up funding.
Every time another soldier is hurt or killed we should ask whether the tragedy could have been prevented with the new armor included in the Emergency Funding bill.

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