Friday, April 06, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Incoherent on the Constitution

As I wrote here, Rudy Giuliani's view of the Second Amendment leads me to suspect that his entire Constitutional view is constipated. He has confirmed that now with his convoluted attempts to quit digging for a place to stand firmly on abortion.

You may recall that he was for it (and still is), before he found it abhorrent (he still does), which was about the same time he supported taxpayer payments for it (still does, just other taxpayers), which was when he described it as a constitutional right (still), that doesn't apply to people who do or don't live in states (sigh).

Worse, he applies the same logic to the Second Amendment, which he describes as a fully protected individual right (to hunt!), that is subject to whatever restrictions a city or state think necessary.

We went that route once. It required the 14th Amendment and about 100 years to come to a different conclusion. I prefer to go with the modern view that the Constitution applies to all American citizens in every state. (Well, that's almost the modern view. Perhaps it will be again one day.)

Rudy needs to go on to other things, go back to the good life.

Maybe wait for a phone call in 2008. He'd do ok at Homeland Security, perhaps working for Fred?

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