Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fred: 'Fess Up

It's the season for politicians to call on each other to apologize for (real or perceived) past errors.

Obama wants Hillary to apologize for her vote authorizing the war.

Hillary wants Obama to apologize for David Geffen's remark noting the Clinton's lack of integrity and character.

Kerry wants the ambassador to Belgium to… Oh, never mind.

Feminists want Richardson to apologize for his non-PC language and his on-camera groping.

Democrats want Cheney to apologize for not inviting the president on a hunting trip.

Everyone wants Biden to apologize for something.

Fred, this is the time to clear the air on the one issue that has potential to cause you grief with the groups who are otherwise most motivated to supply you with energy, volunteers and money.

Now, before you jump in, before raising money becomes a full time occupation, I urge you to admit that supporting the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, otherwise known as the McCain-Feingold free speech limitation act, was a mistake and that you regret it.

Go on to say that it hasn't worked, as is obvious to anyone who knows that raising $100 million in the first three months is a lot of money, and that the Act ought to be repealed.

This would simultaneously:

Raise your conservative profile as a man of integrity;
Raise your moderate profile as a man of integrity;
Remove the single greatest barrier to enthusiasm from the gun rights folks, notably including the NRA, and the abortion voters;
Put you out ahead of the apology curve as the first candidate to actually apologize for something;
Increase pressure on the other candidates to apologize for their (much more) serious past failings;
Immobilize the other candidates, who are busy vacuuming every loose dollar they can find from criticism of your position, establishing you as a credible leader.
Suck up a ton of the media air; and,
Cost you nothing.

So, come on Fred. Before it's too late.

'Fess up.

You'll feel better and so will 8-10 million of your most enthusiastic supporters!

Heck, at this point even McCain might go for it.

UPDATE: Captain Ed see's it the same way, as he writes about Thompson, "If he renounces the BCRA, he'll probably open within a few points of Rudy nationwide."

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