Saturday, March 10, 2007

"1984" Redux

One of life's hidden pleasures for a conservative who otherwise strives to be thoughtful is the truly perverse joy to be had when empty liberal candidates savage each other.

Here is the perfectly-fitted sendup of the screechy one by the empty one.

Interesting bit of trivia.

Apple ran this ad just once, during the Super Bowl, to introduce the then brand new Macintosh computer and to set it as the "anti-IBM." Then as now, the Mac was composed of a box, a keyboard and a mouse, beige in color and so underpowered, with 64K of memory, that it could barely turn itself on.

But, it had Visicalc, the first personal computer spreadsheet, the predecessor to EXCEL, which would follow a year later, and that was enough. As I recall, Dan Bricklin, the fellow who wrote Visicalc, did so as a college project. His horse drove Apple's cart and together they proved the viability for both the hardware and software sides of the personal computer industry.

It was a great ad and I'm delighted to see it put to a fresh good use.

Go Obama! Go Hilary! Knock yourselves out!

UPDATE: Patrick Ruffini over at Hugh Hewitt's place doesn't believe it, even with a Macintosh. For me, it's the Mac that made the story credible in the first place. All this leads to the bottom line question:

What did Obama know and when did he know it?

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